AMU History


A 100 Year Chronology


The Aligarh Muslim University is a residential academic institution which was established in 1920.Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, a great reformist of his age, who felt the need of modern education for Muslims,     started a school swayback in 1875 which later became a college under the title of “Mohammedan Anglo Oriental College” and ultimately became a university. This is a premier university comes under central government. The President of India appoints the Vice Chancellor.  It has several faculties and maintained institutions. It draws students from all over the country as well from foreign countries.

Aligarh is situated at a distance of 130 Km., South East of Delhi on Delhi-Calcutta Railway and Grand Trunk Road route. The latitude is 27 degree 54 minute North and longitude is 78 degree 5 minute East. The climate is hot and dry in summer (mid-February to mid June) and cool and dry in winter (mid October to mid February) with an intervening rainy season. The university campus is 3 km away from the main city.

A 100 Years chronology

24 May 1875 The inauguration of the School. This presided by Maulvi Mohammed Karim, president of Managing Committee. Speeches delivered by Sir Syed, Raja Jai Kishan Das and Maulvi Samiullah. Maulvi Samiullah’s son Mr.Hamidullah Khan admitted as the first student.

1 June 1875 The boarding house started with seven students on the roll with a budget of Rs. 989 per month. Managing committee constituted Maulvi Samiullah, Chiragh Ali, Syed Mahmood, Raja Jai Kishan Das, Sir Syed, Nawab Ziauddin Khan and Maulana Ahsan Nanotovi was appointed its member. Maulvi Samiuulah Khan was appointed secretary of the Managing Committee.

8 January 1877 Lord Lytton laid the foundation stone of Strachey Hall and the M. A. O. College.

1 January 1878 First year classes started and the college affiliated to the Calcutta University for F. A. education.

1 January 1881 B. A. classes started. Mr. Ishwari Prasad was the first student of M. A. O. College to pass the examination.

26 August 1884 Students Union (Siddons Union Club) inaugurated.

16 November 1887 The college affiliated to Allahabad University.

21 December 1889 Trustee Bill passed. Sir Syed and Syed Mahmood appointed as Life Honorary Secretary and Life Joint Secretary of the college.

15 July 1891 First issue of Aligarh Magazine edited by Maulana Shibli Nomani, published.

20 December 1891 Law classes started.

27 March 1898 Sir Syed Ahmad Khan died.

31 March 1898 Efforts started to make the college a Muslim University by Sahibzada Aftab Ahmad Khan.

31 January 1899 Mohsinul Mulk appointed as the Secretary of M. A. O. College.

7 March 1906 Princes of wales visited the college, Science section of the college dedicated to him established.

16 January 1907 His Majesty Habeebullah Khan Shah of Afghanistan visited the college and announced a grant of Rs. 20,000.

10 February 1907 Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah established Girls School which was recognized as Undergraduate College in 1937.

16 February 1907 Students strike against European staff of the College.

11 January 1908 Viqarul Mulk appointed as the Secretary of the College.

10 January 1911 A committee constituted to establish Muslim University with Sir Mohammad Agha Khan as the President and Nawab Viqarul Mulk as the Honorary Secretary.

25 October 1920 Mahatma Gandhi visited the College.

17 December 1920 Inauguration of the Muslim University. Her Highness Sultan Jahan Begum, Wali Bhopal appointed as the first Chancellor of the Aligarh Muslim University, Sir Ali Mohammad Khan, Maharaja Mahmoodabad took over as the first Vice-Chancellor of the University.

28 December 1922 First convocation of the University. 228 Science and Arts graduate were awarded degrees.

1 January 1924 Sahibzada Aftab Ahmad Khan appointed the Vice- Chancellor.

16 November 1926 Nawab Bhopal Hameedullah Khan laid the foundation of the Science Faculty. Government of India donated 15 lakh rupees and Nizam Hyderabad also donated 10 lakh rupees to the University.

27 November 1927 Ahmadi School for blind inaugurated.

15 July 1928 Unani Medicine classes started.

21 November 1938 College for Engineering & Technology inaugurated.

11 October 1951 Aligarh Muslim University (Amendment) Act passed.

3 January 1952 Institute of Ophthamology’s foundation stone was laid.

6 November 1955 Pandit Nehru laid the foundation stone of Maulana Azad Library which was inaugurated by him on 6 Dec. 1960.

3 December 1955 Shah Saud visited the University.

25 February 1956 Iran’s Shah’s visit to the University.

21 May 1956 A delegation led by Dr. Zakir Husain visited Saudi Arabia. Shah Saud donated 1 million rupees to the University Medical College. Date of establishment of Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College.

8 November 1960 Foundation stone of Kennedy House laid.22 lakh rupees donated by Ford Foundation, U. S. A. to this complex.

29 March 1961 Foundation stone of Faculty of Arts laid. Commerce Faculty started.

20 November 1964 His Highness Sheikh Sabahu Saleem, Prime Minister Kuwait visited the University.

20 July 1966 Womens’s Polytechnic inaugurated.

6 February 1968 Center of west Asian Studies established.

16 April 1969 Faculty of Social Science introduced.

17 June 1972 An undemocratic, highly objectionable Act imposed upon the University, known as “Black Act”.

4 January 1975 Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Alnahyan visited the University and announced a grant of millions of rupees for Petroleum College.

13 March 1976 Annual convocation of the University in which Late Mr. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmad, President of India, was the Chief Guest.

Courtesy by: Dr. Raziuddin & S. Rafat Husain
Aligarh Alumni Association
Washington, D.C.

Total students at present: 24,000
Resident Students: 15000
Total Staff: 8000
Teaching Staff: 2000
Faculties: 12
Departments: 84
Halls of residence: 15
Girls Hostels: 3
Budget plan and non plan: 100 crores.
Maulana Azad Library having more than 1 Million books and rare manuscripts.
Computer Center, Remote Sensing Center and Telematics Center.
Fully developed sports complex, swimming pool, Riding Club, Lawn Tennis etc.
Medical College and Hospital.
Tibbiya College (Unani Medicine), 6 School, One women’s College, Two boys and girls polytech.