By Laws



Name of the organization shall be “AMU Alumni Association Canada” abbreviated as AMUAA.


The Registered office of the Association shall be in Greater Toronto Area.


The Association shall be a non-political, non-profit, secular organization devoted exclusively to charitable, educational, literary, cultural, and social activities.

SECTION 2.1.1:

The main, though not necessarily exclusive, objectives of the Association shall be to:

a. Promote better understanding among AMU Alumni in Canada.

b. Give sense of participation to non-alumni former staff of AMU living in Toronto and area.

c. Promote interests of the AMU Alumni Association members in Canada.

d. Cooperate and collaborate with other AMU Alumni Associations within Canada and abroad.

e. Work to protect the rights and interests of AMU Alumni in Canada.



a. The Association shall have elected Post Holders comprising of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Joint Secretary and a Treasurer.

b. The five Post Holders will automatically be registered as Board of Directors with the Government of Ontario during their tenure of two years replacing the previously registered executive committee.

c. The association shall also have 5 to 10 additional Committee Members, jointly nominated by the  elected post holders to create a committee of 10 to 15 members to carry out the Association’s  functions under the directions of Executive Committee

d. The president shall invite willing Aligs and propose 5 to 10 names to the  Executive Committee for approval by majority vote

e. If a nominated, member is not approved by the Executive Committee; the President shall propose another name from the list of invited Aligs.

f. 5 to 10 additional members as per SECTION 3.1.1.c shall be nominated within one month of the election date.

g. The nominated 10 Committee members shall not have voting rights within executive committee proceedings.

h. The tenure of the Executive Committee shall be of two years.

i. The elected Executive Committee shall assume charge on January 1 following the elections, terminating its tenure after two years on December 31st.

j. The duration of the Executive Committee shall be in the following order: Jan 1, 2016 – Dec 31, 2017 ; Jan 1, 2018 – Dec 31, 2019 ; Jan 1, 2020 – Dec 31, 2021 and so on.

k. The Executive Committee shall cease to operate after the expiry of their term. Extension in two years term is not allowed.

l. The elected members of the Executive Committee after the expiration of their tenure shall not be eligible to contest for the same post in the ensuing elections. 

m. No elected post holder shall serve more than two terms at different elected positions. However, the same member can be nominated by the President as a committee member for any number of times.

n. No two members of the same family (Spouses) shall be members of the Executive Committee. However, the spouse may be a member of the committees formed by the Executive Committee.

o. It is not mandatory that association member should live in GTA to become a member of the executive committee as long as he/she is able to attend not only the conference calls but also the physical meetings as and when required and called by the executive committee and he/she should be able to perform the responsibilities allocated to him/her for organizing the events and any other campaign by Executive Committee.

p. If an Executive Committee member temporarily and or on short term basis is unable to attend the Executive Committee meeting regularly due to genuine reasons, He / She shall immediately inform the Executive Committee. The president shall nominate his/her short term replacement in accordance with section 3, sub-section 1.1.d and 1.1.e, if required.

q. If an Executive Committee member due to relocation or any other reason is unable to attend the meetings for an extended period, he/she shall voluntarily leave his/her position. The president shall nominate his/her replacement through the process as given in Section 3.1.1.d. & Section 3.1.1.e. for the remainder of the term, if required.

r. Executive Committee member shall inform the Committee about his/her change in physical location. If a Committee member hides his/her situation as described in section 3.1.1.o to Section 3.1.1.q. above, he / she shall be liable to a written warning and or a disciplinary action.

s. Any other issue not covered above in SECTION 3.1.1. a to r should be decided by the Executive Committee by the simple majority vote.


a. The Executive Committee shall appoint an Election Commission 4 weeks before the election.

b. The Election Commission shall comprise of five members to conduct election with one person acting as its coordinator.

c. The term of the Election Commissioners shall be only 6 weeks starting from their date of appointment.

d. The Election Commission shall handover all the election related documents to the Executive Committee within one week after their term as election commissioners i.e. after the successful election.

e. In case of a dispute in the election results the contestants shall lodge the request within 2 working days of the election results with the co-coordinator of the election Commission and election commission shall respond within 3 working days.

f. In case, any member of the Election Commission resigns, a substitute member shall be nominated by the Executive Committee immediately to replace him/her.

g. Election Commission members shall not contest election however they can be nominated as Executive Committee members through the process given in Section 3.1.1.d. & Section 3.1.1.e.

h. Elections shall be held every alternate year as per the schedule given in SECTION 3.1.1 j.

i. Elections shall be held only for the posts of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Joint Secretary and Treasurer.

j. All these post holders shall be graduates of the Aligarh Muslim University with enrollment number and shall have studied at least for two years post High School.

k. All the contestants shall attach the copy of their last degree (proof of 2 years of education) with the nomination papers as a proof of being AMU Alumni.

l. Executive Committee shall hold the election between October 1 and December 25 of the second year of their tenure.

m. There should be 2 weeks gap between the date of election and the announcement of contesting candidates.

n. There should be one week gap between asking the applications for the contesting positions and announcement of the final candidates.

o. The Election Commission shall conduct elections according to the byelaws already in place.

p. The list of members maintained by the Secretary of the Association shall be circulated to all the members for any feedback two months before the election.

q. The Election Commission shall verify the details of the members given on the list provided to them by the Executive Committee.

r. In case of any discrepancy, Election Commission shall investigate and resolve the issue.

s. The Election Commission shall call the nominations of the candidates for the posts specified in “Section 3.2.i”, verify the candidate’s details as per the Byelaws, and announce their candidature.

t. One member shall not contest for more than one position.

u. If a candidate applies for more than one post, he/she will be disqualified as a contestant.

v. In case candidates do not fulfill the constitutional requirements, the Election Commission should discuss it with the candidate first and then make a decision within two days of filing their application.

w. In case of disagreement among the election commission members, the majority opinion of the Commissioners will be final.

x. If the Executive Committee does not call elections between November 15 and Nov. 25 of the second year of their term, any five members of the Association shall call a general body meeting, which can nominate an election commission and hold the election that will be bound to all Association members.



a. Membership of the Association shall be open to all AMU Alumni who are Canadian national/Permanent Resident of Canada/on a work visa or on a student visa for further education living anywhere in Canada. Members should be in good standing”, meaning they should have paid their annual membership fees at least 1 month prior to the election, to be able to vote in or contest election of the executive committee. The annual membership fees will be by the calendar year (Jan.01, – Dec.31).

b. Any Canadian who has been a member of the association and has gone outside Canada on an assignment will be eligible to remain member of the association as long as he/she remains a Canadian national and pays the annual membership fee.

c. The membership will expire due to non payment of annual fee.

d. A member shall not be a member of two AMU Associations in Canada.


a. Members registered with the Association shall have a right to attend and participate in the deliberations of the Association.

b. All members of the executive committee shall necessarily be a member of the association. Any member of the executive committee shall be deemed to have vacated the post if for any reason he/she ceases to be the member of the association.


a. Registration shall require the proof of being an alumnus of AMU Aligarh.

b. Any document containing AMU enrollment number issued by AMU Aligarh such as degree, mark-sheets etc.

c. One piece of photo identity such as Canadian Driving License or Canadian Passport is necessary to identify the member.

d. If the name does not match on all the papers, he/she shall be required to submit an affidavit to the effect that the person having one or more names is the same person.


a. The annual membership fees shall be CDN$20.00 until given deadline and thereafter $30.00. Executive Committee shall have the right to waive the fees in confidence based on member’s request.

b. The Executive Committee shall be authorized to revise membership fee with a simple majority vote with the approval of members, electronically, or in-person through General Body.


a. The Executive Committee shall have the authority and power to amend/modify the Constitution and/or the Bylaws of the Association by 3/4th (three fourth) majority of votes but the amendments should be approved by the General Body (electronic and/or in-person or both)

b. The Executive Committee cannot amend the SECTION 3.1.1 about the composition and structure of the Executive Committee.

c. AMU Alumni Association by-laws shall be reviewed in total every six year, if required and approved by the AMU Alumni Association members through electronic and/or in-person General Body.



The main responsibilities of the Executive Committee shall be to:

a. Act as the administrative and executive organ of the Association

b. Prepare and implement the action plan of the association for two years.

c. Maintain an account in any Canadian commercial bank. The president, vice president, secretary, Cultural Secretary and the treasurer shall be authorized signatory on the account. Withdrawals can only be made if the cheque is signed by the Treasurer and/or the President. If only one person is signing the cheque, he/she should have the written/e-mail approval from the second authorized signatory prior to signing the cheque.

d. Electronic banking is permitted as long as both authorized signatories as in item 6.1.c have mutual written/e-mail agreement.

e. Arrange events such as SS Day, Picnic, Mushaira, youth programs, lectures etc.

f. Raise funds and award scholarships to poor and meritorious students.

g. Appoint an independent auditor or an auditing firm to audit the accounts of the Association for each financial year, after getting the Charity status.

h. After every organised event, executive committee shall post the account statement on the association’s website for that event.

i. Prepare the budget for the association each year.

j. At the end of each accounting year, prepare and circulate the annual report containing a summary of activities and important decisions taken.

k. Revise and change the bylaws as and when required as per the provision given in paragraph 5.1


The President shall:

a. Be answerable to the Executive Committee

b. Take a leadership role in advancing the goals of the Association;

c. Be responsible for successful execution of all on-going programs of the Association;

d. Preside over and conduct meetings of the Association;

e. Authenticate minutes of all executive committee meetings;

f. Be the official spokesperson of the Association

g. Represent the association in other organizations.

h. Answer all queries and concerns from the Association members or any other outside organizations or Individuals

i. Communicate with the other organizations as a representative of the Association.

j. Preside over SS Day sub-Committee

k. Be a member of all sub-committees

l. Temporarily delegate any or all his powers to the Vice-President in case he/she is, for any reason, unable to perform his/her duties.

m. Co-sign all cheques with the Treasurer.

n. Contact the relevant government department to incorporate the names of the newly elected Executive Committee members.


The Vice President shall:

a. Assist the President in discharging his/her responsibilities as and when required.

b. Act on his/her behalf during the absence of President.

c. Succeed the President, during the remainder period if and when President resigns or no longer available. In such circumstances he/she should be allowed to contest for the position of President in the following elections.

d. Shall head the scholarship Committee.


The Secretary shall:

a. Organize Executive meetings bi-monthly, prepare the agenda, record proceedings and maintain minutes.

b. Prepare the meeting agenda in consultation with the President

c. Agenda shall be circulated to all executive members three days in advance of the meeting and seek their input.

d. Final agenda shall be circulated at least one day in advance.

e. Write minutes of all the meetings and get them approved by the President before circulating the final version to the Executive Committee members.

f. Get approval of the minutes by all the attendees.

g. Keep record of all the meetings

h. Keep and maintain all records of the Executive Committee

i. Communicate the Committee decisions to Association members.

j. Update list of all members including their telephone numbers, addresses, etc;

k. Temporarily assume all responsibilities of the President in case both the President and the Vice-President are not in a position to discharge their duties or have resigned.

l. Assist the President and the Vice-President in the smooth conduct of the affairs of the association.

m. Represent the association in legal disputes if any.

n. Shall preside over Picnic Committee


a. Assist the President in discharging his/her responsibilities as and when required.

b. Assume all responsibilities and discharge all functions of the Secretary in his/her absence;

c. Succeed the Secretary during the remainder period if and when Secretary resigns or no longer available. In such circumstances he/she should be allowed to contest for the post of Secretary in the following elections

d. Shall preside over Mushaira Committee


The Treasurer shall:

a. Maintain transparency of all income and expense accounts;

b. Keep and maintain all financial records of the running account of the Association;

c. Receive membership fee/donations from members and issue receipts for the same;

d. Prepare and present to the Executive Committee an operative budget for the year;

e. Pay all bills and reimburse all expenses of the Association.

f. Make all payments over and above CAD $25 by cheque  in accordance with clause 6.1.d

g. Co-sign all checks with the President in accordance with clause 6.1.c

h. All financial matters to be carried out under the directions of the Executive Committee

i. File income tax return every year, if applicable.

j. Shall preside over committee to arrange special lectures and talks by eminent personalities and networking programs.

k. President or his/her designated member from the executive committee shall assume the responsibility of the treasurer if and when he/she resigns or no longer available, until a new member is permanently assigned for the post.

SECTION 6.1.5: Fees for contesting election: 

A non-refundable fee schedule for contesting the elections to be deposited to election commission with the completed nomination papers. This amount will be deposited to association’s account:

a. President: $ 150

b. Vice President: $ 100

c. Secretary:$ 100

d. Joint Secretary: $ 100

e. Treasurer: $ 100

f. Nominated Executive members: $ 50

SECTION 7: Disputes and Differences:

All disputes and differences among the office bearers and/or committee members shall be brought before the executive committee and resolved by the majority vote. President, with the consent by majority voting within the committee shall have the right to nominate the substitute executive member if and when an executive member resigns.



a. The Secretary in consultation with the President shall call meetings of the executive committee at least 4 times a year attended by the members in person.

b. Web Conferences may be called as per the requirement.

c. If Secretary and President do not call quarterly meeting, any three post holders may requisition a meeting of the executive committee through a written notice or e-mail specifying the purpose to the secretary and the President. Such requisition meeting shall be called within a week of the date of notice.

d. The notice for the ordinary and requisition meeting of the executive committee shall be circulated at least seven days in advance.

e. All decisions of the executive committee shall be by a majority vote except changes in the bylaws which will require ¾ majority vote + General body approval.

f. Meeting minutes shall be circulated to the all the Association members for transparency and be posted on the website

g. Disciplinary action should be initiated by the Executive Committee against a member who does not attend 2 consecutive meetings without any valid reasons.


a. The executive committee shall be empowered to form sub-committees for various purposes from among its own members and/or members of the general body of the association.

b. Committees shall be formed for the events like SS Day, Picnic, Mushaira, Scholarship etc.



a. E-mail shall be the preferred way of communication. This communication will  be exclusively within Alumni members in accordance with clause 4.4.a

b. A record shall be kept of all communication

c. All such e-mails shall be handed over to the next Executive Committee through the Election Commission.

d. A general e-mail such as EXEC@AMUCANADA.COM shall be created by the Executive Committee and to be linked with the 5 elected post holders of the AMU Alumni Association.

e. Concerns or official matters shall be communicated through the specifically created e-mail platforms and shall be addressed to the President If required, the President shall delegate the Secretary to make an agenda item for the Executive Committee meeting. The Secretary shall communicate the Committee’s decision to the member.

f. The secretary, under the supervision of the President, shall be responsible for the internal communication between the members and the Executive Committee.

g. All the communication between the Association and the outside organizations, Associations, electronic groups etc shall be handled by the President.

h. The President, if required, shall assign the above task in SECTION 10.1. g to the Vice President or the Secretary according to his/her convenience.


a. The assigned committee member shall maintain a website to include a list of members, a list of executive committee members with photos, scholarship details, minutes of the meetings, events’ details, list of different Committees, annual report, and PayPal etc.

b. The website shall have an un-moderated interactive discussion module where members could post matters of interest to the members.

c. The discussion module shall not be used by the members for their self-promotion.

d. Offensive e-mail i.e. name calling, insulting to fellow members or derogatory shall not be posted and will be deleted by the Executive Committee.

e. The Secretary shall update the website on regular basis

f. The Secretary shall post the content on the website after the written approval of the President.

g. If the Secretary is not tech savvy, President in consultation with the Executive Committee shall nominate a tech savvy person of confidence preferably an Alig to maintain the website in cooperation with the Secretary and the President.

h. The website password shall be shared by the Secretary and the President.

i. The password should be easily transferable to the next Executive.


a. The Executive Committee shall maintain a LISTSERV or an electronic communication group like AMUAA Google group to communicate their decisions and announcements to the Association members.

b. Canadian Aligs shall be members of this group.

c. Only five post holders shall be allowed to post their messages on this Group.

d. Most messages shall be posted by the Secretary.

e. The Group or Listserv shall be moderated by the President.

f. The President may assign the task of moderation to the Vice-President or the Secretary according to his/her convenience.

g. The password shall remain with the moderator, the president.

h. The password should be easily transferable to the next Executive.

i. The group shall be only one way communication. General Association members shall not be allowed to post their messages even related to the Association. Alternatively, they have been provided a communication tool on the website.


a. The Executive Committee shall create moderated FACEBOOK and TWITTER pages with the same rules and regulations as given in SECTIONS 10.2 and SECTION 10.3.

b. The moderator shall give a free hand to the association members to post their messages.