Minutes of Meetings

Minutes of Meeting Oct. 22, 2016

 Dear Aligs,

 As informed earlier, an advisory committee meeting was held in Naila’s house on Saturday Oct. 22. Here below are the brief minutes of this meeting:

 Attendees: Ashraf Ali Sb., Muzammil Sb., Salam Sb., Ahmed Sb., Shahnaz Aapa, Waqas Sb., Asad Sb., Naila (President), Zafar (VP) and Khalid Salahuddin (Secy.),

 Absentees: Ansar Qureshi Sb. (Treasurer), Ayaz Ashraf Sb. (Joint Secretary)

 Agenda of the meeting:

  1. Discussion on current situation – Executive Committee Members’ explanation and seniors’ advise.
  2. Information about the legal action being taken by EC President
  3. Blind voice messages
  4. SS Day update
  5. Scholarship distribution update


  1. All agreed that leaking confidential information of association’s EC (a non-profit organization) on other private groups is a breach of law. It should neither have been done nor allowed to be released by the moderators of the private groups.
  2. There are many different ways of clearing and resolving the differences. Such as, a meeting together with advisers and other seniors, GBM etc.
  3. Muzammil Bhai and Waqas Bhai informed about their discussion with Ansar Bhai prior to the meeting. However, everyone was looking forward to see Ansar Sb. in the meeting to discuss and listen to him as well. He was absent once again.
  4. Naila informed that not only the information has been leaked but the allegations are of serious nature as well. She informed about her meeting with the lawyer and that a legal notice will be sent out for this breach.
  5. Naila stated that EC is open to discuss and resolve prevailing matter with Ansar Sb. but on conditions.
  6. Treasurer and joint secretary once again did not attend the meeting despite previous reminders. Moreover, no information was given to the EC about their absence. At least last three meetings have now been missed by them. As per draft by-laws this is not acceptable and an action is to be taken after discussing the matter with other senior members.
  7. Once again EC brought all available “Original” receipts in the meeting to handover to the treasurer but he was absent from the meeting.
  8. It was decided by EC that temporarily, these receipts will be kept with secretary and treasurer’s duties will be performed by secretary until further decision.
  9. Naila informed all about the money transfer for scholarship has taken place as suggested earlier and that the scholarship distribution is under process in India. a report will soon be submitted after the disbursement.
  10. It was proposed and agreed by EC that a separate google group of all the members who have paid their membership fees and got their name included in voters’ list will be created. This will be assigned as association’s official e-mail group. Nothing will be posted out of this email group. A separate information on this will be released as soon as this is done.
  11. After the meeting Naila informed that Iqra Khalid has been confirmed as the chief guest on SS Day.


Minutes of Meeting, October 16, 2016


  1. Naila Saeed 2. Zafar Saeed 3. Khalid Salahuddin

 Absentees/No shows:

  1. Ansar Qureshi 2. Ayaz Ashraf

 Please note the following points discussed in the meeting:

  • Available receipts were brought by all in hard copies (soft copies provided already), but treasurer was absent to collect these.
  • As mentioned in last conference call, scholarship distribution has started in India. The money has been transferred. A report on distribution will be submitted after accomplishment.
  • SS Day advance of $500 has been given to Milan.
  • Khalid to discuss with Milan the price and number of people expected in SS Day, within this week, if possible.
  • Exact figure 2 days in advance and negotiate on two figures i.e. if 200 or more $1 less than the rate for 150 to 175 people.
  • Tickets sale: Nazima with three other members will take charge of tickets sale at the gate. These three members are proposed as Farhana Tanveer, Shahnaz Zafar & Sumbul Chishti.
  • Sponsors have to be arranged. Most probable sponsorsmay be (1) Hero Burger (Feroz) (2) Javed/Shazia Ali (3) Nisar Khan (4) Imran Gondal (5) Waseem Bhai (6) Basheer Khan (7) Muzammil Bhai (8) Gurdev Singh
  • Tarana team to be contacted for rehearsals.
  • Chief guest to be contacted (probably Iqra Khalid)
  • Singer and music group to be arranged (Talha and …)
  • Balance plaques to be disttributed.
  • Fund raising by Waqqas Sb.
  • Responsibilities will be distributed in the meeting on 22nd (Saturday) 3 to 5PM


Minutes No.: 2016-0001  
Prepared by: Khalid Salahuddin Date: January 26th, 2016
Meeting date: January, 2016 Time:
Location:                                   Khalid Salahuddin’s Residence  
Subject: Executive and Working Committee Meetings Minutes


Working Committee:

Naila Saeed – President; Zafar Saeed- Vice President, Khalid Salahuddin – Secretary; Ayaz Ashraf – Joint Secretary; Ansar Qureshi – Treasurer

Saeed Faizi, Asad Alam and Nazima Khalid

Distribution: Aligs in GTA

AMUAA Canada Meeting MINUTES



All members understood the need of working committees and sub-committees. Following was discussed and proposed:


1.      Settlement, networking, career councelling & guidance

2.      Outreach

3.      Programme and event management

4.      Fundraising and donation

5.      Scholarships, awards and recognition

6.      Advisory

7.      Literary, advertisement and media affairs

8.      Charity and humanitarian

9.      Youth committee

10.   Working committe

A proper and updated website is extremely urgent and important to connect with all association members and new comers. Naila Saeed had contacted Haider Kazmi and Sanjeev Khandaria for Association’s website development. Since Haider did not respond on time, Naila decided to go ahead with Sanjeev to perform the work. Sanjeev agreed to take the website responsibility.
Facebook Page is already up and running for the community to share their views / ideas / posts / updates about alumni association. Facebook Address is:

Facebook page:


Website address:



A committee of 4 members was finalized to provide pictures and content for the website. Suggested Members:

a.      Khalid Salahuddin

b.      Khalid Jafri

c.      Nadeem Kooliyat

d.      Ahtasham Rizvi

Membership Form:

This is used for preliminary information. This will be further reviewed and shortlisted. Based on the applicants choices, the committees will be formed.

Yearly Programmes:

1.      27th March 2016 – Networking Gala

2.      04th June 2016 – Picnic [Miliken Park]

3.      14th Aug, Sunday (afternoon) – Youth Prog.

4.      Nov. 5th 2016 – SS Day Dinner

5.      30th Dec. 2016 – New Year’s Party

6.      Mushaira – to be discussed with Federation of North America

7.      General Body Meetings – May 29th and Nov. 20th

Finding suitable job for Aligs:

Three CVs of Aligs requesting job assistance received. Executive members to see the possibility to get these members a suitable placement. Out of three one got the job through Zafar.

Bank Update:

Account is opened. Signing authority Naila Saeed and Ansar Qureshi (President and Treasurer). IDs of other members to be provided to the bank.

Old account has to be closed.

Federation Function:

Membership form is to be renewed. May 13 to May 16 Federation Conference in Arizona. Attendees need to be confirmed.

Membership fees and deadline:

Jan. 26 to Feb. 28, 2016 – members have to register online by paying $20 annual membership fee.

AMU’s minority status:

Memorandum to Govt. of India under the Federation of North America.

Executive Committee:

In case of any working committee member or sub-committee Directors who does not attend meetings for three consecutive times, the executive committee will have the right to propose a new name to replace such working members or Directors.

All attendees agreed with both working and sub-committee names.


–        Website was seen and reviewed by all members.Comments were given.The site is live. Paypal   is added.

–        It was suggested to impose $100 per annum fees to put Aligs businessmen’s advertisement on association’s website.

March 27th March function:

One of the purpose of this function is to invite outside companies, their HR departments, HR from City of Toronto/GTA etc. to raise the AMU profile and to develop networking.

Charitable Projects:

Will be decided later depending on the volume of work / amount being handled. At this point, charitable status of the association is not advisable as discussed and agreed by all.

Welcome letter to new consulate:

After the new Consulate General of India takes charge, a welcome letter will be sent on behalf of the association. New Consul General – Dinesh Bhatia

Meetings Schedule:

Executive and Working Committee Meeting Schedule Calender 2016 finalized.

Directors and Advisory Committee Meeting Schedule Calendar 2016 finalized.

This calender will be forwarded to the members of the Advisory and Woking Committee and the Directors of the Sub-committees. Directors of sub-committees are responsible to designate the team member in case he/she is not able to attend.

– Document Ends –

Minutes No.: 2016-0002
Prepared by: Khalid Salahuddin Date: February 27, 2016
Meeting date: February 21, 2016 Time: 5:00 pm – 7:00pm
Location: Naila’s House
Subject: Directors’ & Advisory Committee Meeting





Executive Committee: Naila Saeed – President; Khalid Salahuddin – Secretary; Ansar Qureshi – Treasurer; Zafar Saeed – Vice President, Ayaz Ashraf – Joint Secretary

Advisory Committee: Ishtiaque Khan, Sikander Yar Khan, Ashraf Ali, Abdus Salam, Habib Khan, Shujaur Rehman Khan

Sub-committee Directors: Shahnaz Zafar, Nadeem Kooliyat, Muneer Jaffery, Rizwan Saeed

Sadiq Hasan

Distribution: All of the above & AMUAA Members


Point No. Description Action by Date















First Executive Committee, Advisory Committee and Directors of Sub- committee meeting.

Ishtiaque Khan Sb. was nominated as ‘Ameer’ of the meeting.

Naila Saeed  welcomed  all attendees and  thanked them  all  for  their attendance and support that has been extended to the EC.

Updates on work done so far:

Khalid Salahuddin updated all attendees about the work that has been done so far and about the forth coming events. These are as follows in brief:

–   Launch of AMUAA website / Linked-in Profile as Canadian Leaders 2010 / Facebook page of AMUAA.

–   Networking with other associations.

–   Registration of AMUAA Canada with AMUAA North America Federation. Invitation to join North America AMUAA festival in Arizona in May 2016.

–   AMU Vice Chancellor’s confirmation received to come to Toronto in May 2016 (May 22 to May 25) along with entrepreneur Mr. Ameer Ahmed.

–   Information to Alig community about year 2016 programmes.

–   Booking of hall for AMUAA programmes and booking of picnic venue.

–   Meeting Minutes distribution to Aligs in Jan.26, 2016.


Point No. Description Action by Date






























Membership Forms to Directors and Advisory Committee and registration of Aligs through AMUAA website:

Forms were provided to register the Advisory and sub-committee members who have not yet got registered.

EC explained the urgency and importance of all Aligs to get registered by paying their registration fees of $20 per year through the facility provided in website. All agreed and suggested to send reminder emails on this to all.

PIN and Syrian Community Networking and others:

Naila updated to all about her visit to PIN (Professional Immigrant Networking) networking programme in Toronto and visit to Syrian refugees programme.

Efforts are also being made to get in touch with YMCA-ES. YES is another networking association EC is trying to get engaged with.

Naila appreciated the efforts of Syed Ashraf Ali Sb. who has been a great help in guiding the EC for such networking efforts which will ultimately benefit the Alig community. Ashraf Sb. suggested to keep track of IFI (Friends of IIT) for networking in which he also holds a position.

March Function and responsibilities:

Structure of March function “Networking Gala and Appreciation Dinner” was discussed. It was suggested that if companies from outside are invited, children should not be allowed in the programme. This is very important to maintain the decorum of the type of function being organized. Or the option was suggested to arrange the function only for internal mentoring and interacting sessions among Aligs and their kids.

EC appreciated the suggestions given and assured to review and finalize the structure of the function soonest possible as the time is limited to organize the function.

EC also requested all attendees to put their efforts in making this event successful. The key of the function is to have maximum Aligs complete their registration. All attendees accepted to share this responsibility.

Committees & Responsibilities:

Due to time constraint, EC informed that although it is obvious from the title of the sub-committee, more details will be provided to the Directors of the sub-committees about what is expected from them.

It was informed that in every Directors’ meeting, Directors will be required to present a report on the progress made in their sub-committees.


Following suggestions were provided by attendees during the discussion:

·      Website one  time password needs to be  simplified. It is  very complicated.

·      Return email received from registration portal reads wordpress which is confusing. It should read AMUAA so it does not fall in junk box.


Point No. Description Action by Date
·      Life time membership fees should be reduced. [EC assured to review and advise].

·      Arrangement of these meetings in a neutral common location such as library, community centres etc. [EC assured to look for such locations for forthcoming meetings].

10. Others:

·      Everyone was informed that two Aligs got employed through Zafar Saeed in last couple of months.

·      Everyone was informed that AMUAA website development and updates are being taken care by one of our Aligs Sanjeev Khandaria.

·      Everyone was requested to look into such opportunities for job seekers in Alig community at their level.

·      Naila informed about her vision to bring all Alumni Association around the globe on one single platform. This will have bigger impact on our community related issues in India.

·      It is noticed that Aligs from other cities such as Montreal and Calgary are very happy and excited about our efforts and the website. As a result we also have seen two registration from Montreal and Calgary as well.